Friday, March 29, 2013

Floppy Bunny Flapjacks!

Floppy Bunny Flapjacks


Make your favorite pancake recipe or use the already made frozen pancakes to save time.

Each Floppy Bunny Face needs 3 Pancakes, 2 licorice pieces 1 ½ inches long, 8 raisins,1 maraschino cherry, or other candies, and of course…syrup!

Use a table knife to cut one of the pancakes into curved pieces for the ears and the bow tie. (see photo above). The two outside pieces are the ears the inside piece is the bow tie. Arrange the ears and the bow tie around the stack of 2 pancakes so it looks like a bunny. 

Put two raisins on the top pancake where the eyes should be. Put a cherry or round soft candy where the nose should be. Use licorice to make the mouth. Put 3 raisins on each side of the bow tie. Drizzle Syrup on top!  Get Creative and try making other animals out of the pancakes. How about a dog or a cat? Can you think of other foods you could use to make the eyes, nose and mouth?

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